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Couple’s next step: Do we move in together?

If you’re thinking of moving in with your partner, there are a couple of things to face before the thought process and actual decision. Who should give up their apartment or house to move in with the other one? What happens if you both own furniture?


My Place or Yours? And Whose Stuff Do We Keep?

Due to the nature of overpopulated cities throughout tourist attraction cities, you will have to understand that rent needs to supplemented by a roommate. If you’re moving into a place just for the two of you, you need to have the financial freedom to create a home together. If you already have your own furniture, why not start a fresh and sell or store what is not welcomed by both parties.

What if We Can’t Agree on an Apartment?

Apartment hunting together is a useful stage in your relationship; doing it successfully requires compromise, sacrifice, and that you each have the same level of commitment to each other.

How Do I Compromise On Space and Time Now Our Lives Are Intertwined?

An important aspect to consider when planning to live with your other half is finding an apartment that allows you both personal space. Even if you can’t afford a large apartment, make sure that you find a way to use every square foot you have so that you have time apart from each other. If you work the same hours, or if one or both of you work from home, alone time is vital in a relationship for maintaining your sense of self and your independence. Just as keeping your own space is important, so too is keeping your own hobbies. Don’t fall into the habit of doing everything with each other.

These guidelines have been taken from relationship counselor Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan.

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