House Tour: Guinness Family’s Irish Castle

Lavish and light, with nature honing in on your perimeters, explore the distinguishing factors that set a house and a castle apart. By way of intellectual interior space and pieces that have aged along with its story, it’s not hard to imagine what and whose lives have been lived in this 18th Century Irish Castle owned by the Guinness Family.  It has that special brand of eighteenth-century Gothic that rejoices in little battlements, crochets, trefoil and quatrefoil windows and ogee mantelpieces. The Guinness family have decided to sell the castle, but it’s not just the castle that the property inhabits, its the enveloping nature surrounding it that really seals the deal. It has one of the few remaining landscaped 18th century garden where primeval colours: the greys, greens and browns of the landscape, the darkness of the lake, the whiteness of the beach, the yellow of the primrose and the gorse, the contrast of the bluebells and the purple of the heather will breathe new life into your days.

House Tour Guinness Family’s Irish Castle1
House Tour Guinness Family’s Irish Castle 2
House Tour Guinness Family’s Irish Castle 3
House Tour Guinness Family’s Irish Castle 4
Via Image credit: Antonio Martinelli via Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty


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