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DDL Design Decor Lab: 3 Ways to Make Your Bedroom à la Mode

Master bedrooms, guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and teens’ rooms… An old adage tells us to spend our money where we spend our time. Since most people spend about a third of their lives in bed, it’s no surprise then that the bedroom is often the heart of luxury in most homes.

While multifunctional spaces, elegant curtains and layered pillows are general ways to make your boudoir classically comfortable, there are a couple of trends that will truly change your bedroom into a space that will have Sleeping Beauty wanting to spend more time in la-la land. DDL Design Decor Lab share some key ways to transform this luxury space.

1. Colours and Contrasts Muted greiges (which is a grey-beige) are growing, and we’re seeing a deep blue green along with coloured greys and deeper blues in general. Soft muted naturals with a hint of a mushroom pink and stone are dominating, and Khaki green is also quite prevalent. However, don’t let the neutral, cool colours get you too excited. Contrasting colour combinations and a creative mix of textures, finishes, shapes are the key elements of modern bedroom design in 2017. Look for pieces that make a statement for themselves, creative tiling and geometric patterns to create something that feels out of this world. 2. Windows Having big and bright windows was the window trend in 2016/2017. And this is a trend determined to stay. Contemporary, energy-efficient glass panels are a fantastic material that transform modern interiors into bright, comfortable, and luxurious rooms. Find ways to highlight your window by using window treatments that stand out, or positioning your seating so you and your family can enjoy the natural light. If windows aren’t an option, LED lights are perfect to make fabulous bedroom furniture pieces seem to float in the air in the glow of built-in lights.

3. Bespoke Beds In a modern world that is dominated by shiny polished surfaces, concrete, stone and glass, the sight of décor that brings out the magic of wood is always welcome, and there are few places that gain more from its presence than the serene bedroom. This year, interior décor trends are leaning towards innovative bed headboard ideas that create visual interest and personalises your bedroom.

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