Coffeeberry: A Coffee Shop Makeover

Coffeeberry is a café in the Cascades Mall, Pietermaritzburg. Their story started in 2005 as a small eatery with unforgettable coffee. Famed for their friendly vibes and their great menu, Coffeeberry has grown into one of the most popular social and work venues in the area.

With their brand growing and customer base expanding, they needed to upgrade their interiors. A more contemporary look would set the stage for a laid-back and enjoyable coffee shop experience.

Coffeeberry’s owner approached Novospace, a prestige upmarket interior design company, with these intentions. This decision came at a time when the landlord was relocating Coffeeberry to a new position in the mall.

The transformation

The new shop offered an exciting structure to work with. Considering the trends of the industry, Novospace envisioned something bold, dramatic, and more contemporary than what they had in the existing store. Raw exposed brick and timber cladding to go with the exposed services and polished flooring would work perfectly. Novospace upcycled existing furniture to fit in with the industrial aesthetic.

Novospace opted for darker colours on the walls, one being a statement-making matt black. While there is a common idea that black creates the illusion of a smaller space, the truth is that it is a colour that recedes, therefore creating the sensation of a larger space.
Since their upgrade, Coffeeberry has been nominated for café of the year in South Africa by Coffee Magazine, alongside some big names.

Coffee Magazine describes this award:  “This award goes to the establishment that has consistently created an amazing café experience for its patrons, serves great coffee and food, with excellent service, has great ambience, design and most importantly, a loyal community of patrons.” We are thrilled for Coffeeberry and eagerly await the outcome of the nominations.

Coffeeberry serves the community

Novospace has created a coffee shop setting that’s inviting, friendly, and well-designed.
Coffeeberry now serves the local community as a trendy and welcoming venue for work and social purposes. Visitors enjoy the new look, which now enhances the excellent culinary options on offer.

About Novospace

Novospace is an award-winning interior architecture firm based in Durban and Cape Town.
Novospace offers a full turnkey design service from concept to completion. We have vast experience in residential and commercial interior design. The practice is headed by three principles with a combined experience of 85 years in the architectural and interior design field.

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