ARRCC and SAOTA Launch New Lunch Canteen

SAOTA recently celebrated the momentous occasion of revealing a brand new canteen. Imagined and brought to life in an interdisciplinary approach by both SAOTA and ARRCC, the space has 180-degree views of Table Mountain, Signal Hill, city scrapers and the harbour in the distance.

The canteen was primarily designed as a place to eat, but the area also allows for creative thinking, jam sessions, employee relationship building and offers a change of scenery for imaginative reflection for staff.

ARRCC’s interior team and SAOTA’s architecture team described working on this joint venture as both wonderful and challenging. Spending critical time with Directors led to the execution of a grand vision. Having permanent access to the site as opposed to the typical monthly visits allowed for design challenges to be addressed and solved immediately.

The brief was to design a flexible, multipurpose space. Practical measures were implemented, including movable tables, soundproof acoustic panelling, and adaptable work surfaces to accommodate anything from food preparations to designing. A big focus was the social aspect; the media wall, big screen, fireplace and ample storage facilitates relaxed interaction.

The initial architecture did not allow for simple additions and alterations, but after considerate planning, a previously underutilised space was skillfully revamped. This refurbishment will have a vast impact on the quality of life in the studio.

The North facing panorama allows for the afternoon sun to flood the space; adding to the indoor- outdoor connection. “The canteen is a space that we are very proud of – a family environment for our worthy staff. Cheers to us.”

Contact: SAOTA



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