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Amazing Interior Design Solutions that Shift the Face of the Commercial Landscape

Commercial spaces are no longer a synonym for tedious cubicles people dread to spend their time in. They constantly evolve under the influence of design trends and innovations. Nowadays, business owners aspire not only to define the space, but also improve efficiencies across the board, create an engaging experience, and nurture corporate culture. In the process, they strive to put together a space that celebrates uniqueness and speaks volumes about the company’s identity and purpose. So, it is high time to take a look what is behind the corner and pay heed to trends that are expected to rock the design world in 2017 and beyond.

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United colors of nature

Commercial spaces are starting to mimic our homes and lean towards coziness that used to be banished from the business world. The sterile color palette of the past is being replaced by natural and calming tones like purple green and taupe. These soft, desaturated colors echo the principles of simplicity and emanate effortless charm. They are drawn from the majestic natural landscape and form the basis of novelty, color-coordinated commercial spaces. Pantone enthroned Greenery as the color of the year, which is another testament to our craving for natural beauty and longing to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Where the worlds collide

The commercial design embraces warmth both through colors and materials. On one hand, we see clean lines, contemporary edge, and modern, sleek furniture.  On the other, we notice that these features are softened by natural materials like wood and copper. Companies in the league of BrandWorks demonstrate the business value of soothing spaces that encourage customers to interact and rewind. They merge the influences of industrial and minimalist design with natural materials and accents to foster visually-stunning and relaxing ambience.

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Dare to go bold

In the visual department, a true revolution is taking place. We are making leaps and bounds towards the frontier of new aesthetics: Patterns are making a comeback and subway tile is taking a backseat. Businessmen no longer shy away from going bold and quirky and making a real impact with interwoven geometrical shapes, which are definitely the flavor of the year. It seems that the appeal of small-scale designs wanes in the presence of dramatic and big-impact solutions. After all, companies that champion interior trends actually seek to show off their personality and make a strong statement via stellar design.

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The green way

The eco-friendly commercial design is huge right now. It is as clear as a day that it is here to stay and prove those who deemed to be a passing fad wrong. Namely, corporations are under increasing pressure to meet ever higher social and environmental expectations and standards. Some companies are implementing energy saving systems like LED lighting and rainwater collectors gradually, while others are going an extra mile and choosing to work in LEED-certified buildings, paragons of sustainability. The main goal is to reduce resource waste and inefficiency as well as to trim utility bills and mitigate the carbon footprint.

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Open and flexible design

In today’s business world, flexibility is the name of the game. The old order of permanent workplace layouts is being dismantled. Open floor plan is the new black and it replaces sets of private and divided offices. It is seen as a way to promote collaboration, transparency, and positive workplace culture. Hence, non-assigned seating, dual-purpose design, circular workstations, and community work tables have blossomed into new standards across the globe. Employees seem to adore the newfound freedom and want to make the most of a chance to use the work environment as they please and see fit.

Workplace ergonomics

In a commercial space, one must never lose sight of functionality. Take the example of ergonomics, the driving force behind the office transformation. Namely, it is hard to imagine a truly modern office without all those pieces with adjustable arms and head rests as well as innovative solutions such as standing height desks. One cannot ignore the aspect of employee’s health and wellbeing and neglect effect they have on motivation and engagement. At last, functionality is closely linked to the durability of the furniture, which is why rustic wood, metal finishes, and tempered glass gain traction.

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Sweeping winds of change

Commercial design trends always reflect what is happening in the world of fashion, design, and architecture. Taking this into account, it does not come as a surprise that things are changing at a rapid pace. Spaces that are open, flexible and modern have taken the center stage and steal the business show. We are moving away from the interior world dominated by plain solutions, white tones, and rigid layouts.  And it was about time, really. Rest assured that when efficiency and cost-effectiveness meet the warm and inspiring design solutions, great things are bound to happen.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration.

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