A Fresh Inspired Look at Nando’s Montecasino

The new Nando’s Montecasino was designed by HK Studio and features an array of locally produced products. The end result is a beautifully refreshing space with a sophisticated African flair.

Nando’s is a renowned South African restaurant chain now boasting over 1000 outlets in over 30 countries around the world. Keeping things fresh and interesting, their interiors are continually revamped to suit the meeting needs of the brand.

The new Nandos in Montecasino is a breath of fresh air, with a truly authentic African design that is both elegant and sophisticated with an interesting twist.

Nando’s has brought monumental change into the interior design industry of South Africa. As an organisation, they are committed to supporting the South African design economy, and undertook a massive creative collaboration with local designers.

HesseKleinloog Stuio has had the privilege of being involved in this project, creating authentic, forward-thinking and sophisticated spaces, that exhibit proudly South African design.

The new Nando’s at Montecasino space features a balance of texture, colour and warmth; vital elements of a successful Nando’s interior. Natural materials, rich colours and sophisticated furniture offerings give this space a truly fresh and inspired look.

Pedersen Lennard provided some of the amazing furniture and seating used in this space. As a proudly South African company, they focus on simple lines, functional design and timeless aesthetic. These words help guide the design process and Pedersen Lennard never stop striving to learn new methods, better materials or techniques and a pursuit of quality that backs it all up. We are happy to see the Firenze range and KPA tables from Pedersen Lennard now showcased in this beautiful space.

The new store boasts a mix of colours, patterns and an earthy palette that adds visual appeal and functionality to every space. It also boasts art from Daniella Mooney. The overall space is a celebration of local design and craftsmanship.

For more visit Pedersen Lennard and HK Studios.


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