Marrow – A Full Furnishing & Decor Solution From Bone Studio

Marrow is the furnishing procurement and bespoke product design & styling division of Bone Interior Design Studio. Focusing on Luxury Residential developments they provide a full furnishing & décor solution to match the luxury standards of the apartment design.

Through a selection of imported and custom local pieces, Marrow ensures the homeowner / investor gets the best possible return, whether it be financial or through luxe of living.

Research has shown that when it comes to purchasing off-plan, dynamic visual imagery will have a powerful story which enables a potential purchaser to visualise their desired lifestyle and move them to take action.

Recognising a gap in the local development market Bone has launched Marrow, specializing in design, product and procurement of bespoke furniture packs as a value-added service to developers offering these to potential buyers.

This service proposal distinguishes the development from the next. By offering potential buyers a brochure depicting a full turn-key furnished & styled apartment, at pre-sale stage, it allows the client to better visualise themselves within the space and increases on the spot sales.

These solutions are specifically customised to the building’s aesthetic and whether the apartment is intended for owner occupation or to let, the interior furnishings are designed to enhance and add value. Providing only the highest quality imported European design and local products to ensure the peace of mind which comes with long term product guarantees and value to match. Marrow is invested down to the last detail including freshly cut flowers and a bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge, allowing you to move into a perfectly
procured and styled apartment.

The Benefits:

With 80% of tenants in Cape Town looking for furnished apartments and furnished properties fetching a rental yield 34% greater than unfurnished, leading developers
and investors are recognizing the benefits of investing in quality original brand furniture with the international sophistication required to match the interiors. There is a discernible link between high end original brand furniture and good rental income, tenancy renewal and low void periods.

Design, Delivery and Install:

Marrow’s highly experienced team of designers, installers & stylists work closely together to meet the aspirations of clients and the rising standards expected from their tenants.
In using Marrow the client gets the benefit of a professional design studio to curate and implement their apartments complete with convenience and cost efficiency.

Under the Pre-Sales marketing collateral the MARROW brochure offers potential clients an opportunity to better visualise the impeccable standard that the Development is offering and they are more easily enticed into a sale. A turnkey fully furnished apartment is also a great value-add to the client as part of the pre-sale marketing material illustrating the developers elevated service.

Once pre-sales are done and the building is under development there is the option of a fully furnished ‘mock’ apartment (Investment by developer) to capture further potential buyers as research has shown that a furnished tactile space again guarantees immediate sales. ‘Furnished/’staged’ apartments are selling 73% faster than unfurnished and 85% of these apartments are selling for between 6-25% more than their unfurnished competitors.’ –

For the client, Marrow will take on the cost of the Interior Design service and produce the Interior concepts (under the reputation of Bone) thus the buyer receives a Bone Interior design service for free.

Two schemes will be developed so they buyer has a choice of the overall design look & feel/finishes. Options will include a Base & Layered spec – the layered being rentable or liveable ready (linen, crockery, cutlery)

Each apartment will take 2 days to fit out so the client can expect a beautifully procured and styled apartment with expediency (subject to client payment dates).

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffet

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