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Jun 27, 2019

LaForma SA : Winter Ideas + Tips To Bring The Heat Home

Winter is for most of us a time to hibernate, and we spend more time at home. We look for ways to make our homes more … well …. homely, comfortable and warm. LaForma SA shows us how to achieve a warm and inviting space this winter with seasonal tips and ideas to bring the heat home.

We love all the seasons and we love making small changes in our homes, and even at out workplaces, to take advantage of the best each season has to offer – but we are very glad winter is relatively short in South Africa.

Keep things toasty on the inside with these 5 tips for your interior:

  1. Open your curtains – Make use of the free elements harvested from Mother Nature herself – sunlight instantly warms a cold space.
  2. Add colour – Adding rich colour tones to an existing neutral colour palette results in a cosier environment. Switch your cool summer accessories for decor pieces in richer, warmer jewel colour palettes, choose deep rich colours paired with existing neutrals to maintain balance & rhythm.
  3. Include texture – Curling up into a ball during the winter months is heavenly, do this by incorporating thick, warm & heavily textured throws & cushions. Staying indoors during the cooler months does not require you to forgo all reminders of the outside world – incorporate wood, twigs, stones & many other natural elements to create a feeling of warmth. Including textured textile table runners can also add a warmer touch (this will not only boost your rooms aesthetic appearance but also protect your tables).
  4. Turn on the lights – Create a warmer ambiance by including decorative floor & table lamps nestled together. Switch cooler light bulbs with warmer ones to instantly add not only warmth, but also light when the days are short.
  5. Cover your floors – Place interesting, fluffy, textured, thick and plush rugs on otherwise “cold” floors. This will anchor the space and add warmth. Layering of carpets with contrasting colours / textures is very effective in larger spaces.

At LaForma, a wide selection of really hot ideas are on offer – from small decor touches to bigger furniture pieces – and they also suggest that you change around a room configuration to take advantage of the north-facing sun streaming into your home.

Here are a few ideas to incorporate style and bring the heat home this season:

  • Create ambience & warmth by lighting some candles with Laforma’s Spin candle holders (set of 3).
  • Feel warmer by introducing some texture with Laforma’s Storm footrest featured above (available in 2 colours).
  • Combine contrasting colours by incorporating Laforma scatter cushions & Maja woven baskets (set of 3).
  • Anchor any space by placing a rug on the floor that is either overstated or understated like Laforma’s Poll cotton carpet.

Pop in to the LaForma showroom in Kramerville and be inspired, no… motivated… to warm up your home with a few warming special touches.

For more visit LaForma.

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