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The Spirit of The Times With Alessi

The spirit of the times is here in the new generation of objects from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection by Alessi.

Texture Nero

The world changes, driven by encounters between different cultures, determining influences, intermingling identities, spawning unexpected cultural trends. Top international designers have come together in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, describing the new generation of objects that are welcomed into the extensive Alessi Encyclopedia.

Happy Eternity Baby

Multicultural. In the history of Alessi, research aimed at elaborating its vision regarding the notion of “potness” began in the 80s when, aided by the expertise of haute cuisine consultants, a detailed historical analysis was carried out on the subject of containers and cooking.

In 2018, Patricia Urquiola provided her contribution with “Edo”. The concept stems from cultural references and personal connections, with inspiration coming from the designer’s Basque roots, from Japanese civilization, from the Latin language, a complex of “sentimental, emotional and cultural memory that sheds light on the elements that became the driving force behind the project.” The name comes from the Latin verb edere, ‘to eat’, but it is also the ancient name of Tokyo, a city particularly dear to the designer.


The series includes 16 elements that are differentiated by typology, size and materials. The design softens the rigour inherent in the dictates of serial industrial production by inserting unusual details: the flare in the upper part of the containers, the burnished handles similar to ribbons pinned to the body of the pots like a sophisticated sartorial finishing touch , the concave shape and the knob of the lids that design the shape of the typical headgear of the Basque Country.

“This project – states Patricia Urquiola – is my response to the changes I observe in society, to the multiplication of fantastic exchanges between different cultures.”

Evolved. With the “Food à porter” Lunch box, Alessi opens up its catalogue to a new category of product. A little bit bento box, a little bit oriental lacquer, a little bit clutch bag, a little bit handbag, “Food à porter” by Sakura Adachi expresses in its very name a transversal identity: function is expressed through design, aesthetics adopt a language typical of the fashion world.

Food à porter

Desserts, snacks, bread, fruit, yoghurt, cooked or packaged foods, all in the correct dose for your meal, can be carefully arranged in different compartments, coordinating the contents in a visually pleasing way. “Food à porter is a lunch box – explains the designer – that does not seem like a lunch box. It is designed for those who are busy, but do not want to forego the pleasure of taking a break with their favourite foods.”


Aesthetic. Originally presented in 2009, with the integration of additional pieces and colours in 2016, the “Tonale” Table service by David Chipperfield has been expanded with the introduction of total black and four new typologies: Cup, Milk Jug, Pitcher and Salad serving bowl. The entire “Tonale” project, conceived by the English architect David Chipperfield as an exercise in refining the functionality of objects present in the home, draws inspiration from Korean, Japanese and Chinese ceramics associating purity of form with the delicate poetics of the colours and hues used by the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi.


Princely. Among the designer cutlery sets designed for Alessi by great international designers and architects, the “Colombina collection” by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas stands out for its popularity among customers. The new version in a shiny brass colour is proposed in the basic elements of the table place: Knife, Fork, Spoon and Coffee spoon.

From a geometric figure, a rounded scalene triangle, the Tray of the homonymous series of accessories for the “Colombina collection” table takes shape. Among the new features a new measure in three variants: polished steel, black coloured steel and brass.

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