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Stadl Art: Creating Art With Lights

The era of light is back, and the days of creating an atmosphere with investment art have come. Bespoke and hand-made, Stadl Art designs artistic lighting masterpieces to dream about.

Each light tells a story with which the artist wishes to inspire. Lighting is such an integral part of one’s home and creating the right ambience has become more important than ever.

Stadl Art’s mission is to create lighting that will be a centrepiece in your home. As part of the collection, they would like to introduce a unique range of manikin lights.

Gone are the days of using a manikin just for fashion displays – at Stadl Art, they transform manikins into artistic masterpieces. They use only the best materials and vintage items to create a timeless and industrial style.

Some of the designs include:

Hartseer is nie die woord nie – Translated: “Sadness is not the word”:
“He sat in the rain with tears in his eyes, sad about the time he has lost”. This brilliant manikin pocket watch light is inspired by time flying by in our lives and the wrong decisions we make, but never the less, we never regret the past and push forward to a better future.

Used on this light are an antique industrial light bulb, 82 pocket watches and various vintage items to complement it – a beautiful steampunk masterpiece.

Trane in haar oë- Translated: “Tears in her eyes”:
With a rough finishing, this light speaks about the millions but precious tears of young mothers across the globe… the two 1.2 carat teardrop tanzanite’s telling a story of a mother having to let go of her dreams ( financial, career, ) in order to raise children. The samurai sword compliments her fighting spirit and clothes made from currency the value of every mother. This is a true collector’s item.

Die toekoms – Translated: “The Future”:
Featuring a world war 2 gas mask, antique manikin and various antique brass items, this light is stunning. With its futuristic theme, it is sure to become a great conversation point in any home. 90 % of items used on this light are vintage and has a long history of use and handling. A life size beauty with both sleek and industrial features. This Light compliments both the beauty and strengths of women across the globe.

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