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SHF Home: 5 Tips For An Organic Bedroom – As Nature Intended

Sleek lines. Natural textures. Simplicity in form and function. These are just some of the defining qualities we can look forward to in an organic interior, inspired by nature. When it comes to the bedroom, organic design has much to offer in creating a tranquil, inspired bedroom.

SHF Home embraces this phenomenal trend with the latest bedroom furniture and accessories to help you achieve peace and tranquility in an organic bedroom. The homeowner that prefers a natural and organic space tends to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Like the modern design style, these interior design aficionados also appreciate clean lines, minimal accessories and simpler colour palettes…

5 Tips To Achieve An Organic Bedroom:

  • A textural delight. Add a mix of natural materials and textures to the bedroom. Think wood or rattan furniture with an array of natural fibres such as sisal, mohair and cotton.
  • Tone down the colour palette. Fill your room with natural hues and muted tones such as beige, white, greenery and browns that come from the natural environment outdoors.
  • A burst of freshness. Nothing says organic design better than actual plant life and greenery. Add a vase of bold leaves or a potted plant for a pop of fresh appeal in the bedroom.
  • Nature-inspired lighting. Choose illumination that creates a soft and nature-inspired bedroom environment.
  • Keep accessories minimal. Create a fresh and decluttered space by embracing simple accessories that complement an organic interior. A few glass vases, a simple throw or wooden art are ideal in a nature-inspired bedroom.

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