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Plascon House Tour: Simple Splendour

The trend towards increased minimalism in modern homes sees a lifestyle of simplicity taking centre stage. As people move away from clutter and a collection of things, minimalism embraces the philosophy that less is most certainly more. And this couldn’t be truer as evident in today’s simple, clean and minimalist interior. 

This Spanish villa in Mallorca is filled with white and grey hues, dark wood furniture, rattan, Morrocan rugs and stylish open plan kitchen shelves. All of which brings a clean, crisp and minimalist ambience to this home.

The bedroom is the perfect example of simple living. A bed in dark grey fills the room, which apart from this functional piece of furniture remains bare and acts as a clean palette of white and grey. The dark wooden beams overhead pop against the neutral colourways incorporated into this room.

A striking stone sink brings a sense of rustic and serene living to the bathroom. The emphasis here is on natural materials and clean lines. The white space allows the eye to focus on the natural shape and colour of this eye-catching sink. Grey towels add to the minimalist look and we love the simplicity of this space.

In the kitchen, rattan and basketware add texture to the open plan shelves. A combination of natural toned crockery, glass, vintage pieces and stone add a rich, earthiness to this space.

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