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Plascon House Tour: Sea Cliff Living

Today’s glorious Australian seaside retreat maximises full views of the ocean, making it a wonderful rental property for the ideal beach accommodation.

This house is most certainly all about the location with pristine views of the deep blue from just about every angle. Outdoor entertaining on an open patio, with widespread ocean scenery in the background, makes for a blissful and mesmerising retreat. The indoors and outdoors blend together in a wonderful celebration of indoor-outdoor living as you wander from one space to the next and take full advantage of the moderate Australian climate. The design of this home is all about the beauty and grace of the ocean. As a result, massive square windows offer immeasurable views all-round. Like works of art on the walls, the windows seem to perfectly frame the views and add colour and energy (and light) to this sea cliff home. No need for overembellished interior colours and furniture as a simple, neutral palette works best to complement the natural and fresh blue tones that are undoubtedly surging inwards from the great outdoors. Crisp whites, beiges and greys complete the tranquil bedroom. In a relaxed style, the room appears minimalist, with simple colours, sheer window coverings and a much-needed ceiling fan to help guests fully enjoy the Australian climate. Whether dining out on the balcony or indoors, the designers have ensured ample dining spaces to cater for guests. In simple shades of white and rich wooden tones, the living spaces feel spacious and bright, while the inclusion of white wood panelled walls adds to a seaside villa ambiance. There is also a presence of rustic elements, from a dry grassy hanging wall feature in the living room to a simple rustic farm style family dining table. Contact: Plascon Via

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