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Plascon House Tour: Parisian-Inspired Studio

Today’s home boasts a modern French style with a few classic elements. We love the high ceilings and white painted interiors with contemporary touches. The space feels large and lived-in but is actually only 46m2 in size! This compact studio apartment ticks all the right boxes in terms of stylish European trends.

Panelled walls in the living space bring a sophisticated style to this Parisian-inspired space. The choice of abstract art adds energy to this room and a simple gold chandelier with pendant lights add a glamorous touch. Curved windows, white-painted window frames and wooden floors bring richness to this studio apartment. A simple yet elegant arrangement of furniture completes the look here with soft pastel colours that keep the mood feeling light and inviting.

We love the fresh bursts of colour used as accents in this stylish residence. Cool blue is one such tone that surfaces in this trendy home, from the custom artwork on the walls to the choice of scatters and seating at the desk in the office area. With an abundance of natural lighting that pours in through the oversized windows, the space is perfectly lit and ideal for modern living!

Gorgeous oversized artwork makes a real statement in the bedroom area of this home. The room itself feels large and spacious with a mix of wooden furniture in dark stains and white. A vintage metallic bed is a showstopper in this space and works well to complement the designer’s overall European look. Accent colours are kept light and bright with pops of coral, blue and natural greenery infused throughout the room.

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