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Plascon House Tour: Bold, Colourful Vintage Home

It’s hard to picture this characterful two-bedroom London apartment as an all-white space, but that’s exactly how it remained for two years while the owner, an interior designer and stylist, figured out exactly what she wanted to do with it. Today it is a celebration of bold colours and vintage finds!


Deep, striking shades were, in part, chosen to brilliantly complement the owners curated mixture of antiques with Italian designs ranging from the 1950s to the 80s, and a pairing o eclectic pieces that may not obviously go together in the space.

The living room is also painted in a bold shade of green known as ‘Crocodile’ a daring tone that adds beautiful contrast and colour to a small space.

Despite this home’s small proportions, the owner was keen to use daring colours to define the various spaces, The play on light and colour were key here, particularly as the flat is on a corner, so the sun travels round to each room throughout the day.

To this end, the kitchen is painted bright white to make the most of the morning light, while, in contrast, the bedroom, that only gets the sun at the very end of the day, is a moody midnight blue.

Pale shades can feel cold in a room that doesn’t get much daylight. The blue in the bedroom makes the most of the darkness, and it’s very calming and therapeutic.

Too much colour can be overwhelming in a compact home. Thus balance is achieved with calmer areas decorated in whites or soft neutrals. Such is evident in the kitchen, where an array of pots and plants are the key decor items here.

The bathroom is another space that takes on a calmer, more serene ambience in marble-tiling and light tones throughout. The result is a stylish and peaceful retreat that is breathtaking!

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