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LaForma SA: Let’s Talk Organic Interiors

Nature has been a source of design inspiration for centuries and we love how modern design constantly looks for new and exciting ways to embrace nature and bring organic influence into interior design. LaForma SA are on trend with the latest organic homeware and decor to elevate your home.

Here we share a few simple ways to bring an organic touch into your space this season…

The beauty of organic, or natural, materials is that they’ll work with any style and any home. The beauty of nature blends in seamlessly with different styles and we love the combination of wood, twine, natural stone and other materials found in nature to bring a sense of calm and order to any room.

If you’re hoping to achieve a more natural ambience at home, here are a few materials you should bring into your space.

Organic Materials:

  • Wood: Recycled or reclaimed wood is a great choice, as is timber with a ‘living’ edge, especially on shelves, sideboards and tables. Wood clad walls and ceilings are stunning and who can resist the beauty of solid wood flooring to connect the outside and the inside in your home.
  • Rattan: This is another fabulous natural material that will add depth and texture to any space. Add natural touches with baskets, or hampers made from seagrass or bamboo. Use these as decor elements or added storage in the home.
  • Greenery: What better way to embrace nature than with beautiful plants in every room. Potted greens will certainly lift your interior design and add a freshness that only nature can bring!
  • Earthy tones and textures: Look for natural colours such as earthy beige, browns and even grey to bring a renewed sense of nature into your home.

LaForma SA offers a complete range of home furnishings and interior design accessories for the home. They have international designers constantly looking for the latest trends to bring style to any interior. Here you will find all the latest furnishings to bring an organic edge to your space.

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