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Kare Design: Let’s Have a Moment With Brass Accents

Brass is back and bolder than before. In small doses, this mesmerising metallic tone can enhance your living spaces with a touch of sophistication. Kare Design embraces the trend with a range of contemporary furnishings that boast stunning brass accents for your home.

From seating with carefully crafted brass frames, to lighting pendants, accessories and even soft furnishings that hint at this fascinating metallic hue, brass is a wonderful complementary finish in any modern setting.

Keep it simple with subtle accents in brass and make a real statement of your style. You don’t have to invest in a full brass collection of ornaments the way your grandmother did. Now, you can choose contemporary furniture with brass accents that provide the perfect reflective finish to add a little shine to your home.

Brass is a warm finish and certainly evokes that 70s tone but you can keep it sleek and subtle with the right mix of materials and colours in your favourite space. Brass is ideal paired with all the dark and de-saturated colours which are ever-popular in today’s interior trends – from browns and deep blues to forest greens and more!

Kare Design once again leads the way and brings us this playful collection of pieces with a touch of brass for a spectacular finish in your home…

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