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How To Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro

Moving into a new home is a great opportunity to start over. Each wall becomes a clean palette on which you can leave your mark. Here we share some innovative ways to decorate your walls like a professional.

Create a collection of your favourite things

Create a truly personalised space and hang your favourite things on the wall itself. Perhaps a group of guitars, straw hats or music memorabilia. Think about what you love and how you can translate this into your space. Create a beautiful display with grouped items to make a real impact.

Mirrors – alone or grouped

Mirrors are an essential part of our lives and homes but these can also work as a means of decor in your space. Invest in a big bold mirror as a feature in any room or group a collection of mirrors as a feature wall in the living room.

Cover it with wallpaper

Use a vibrant wallpaper to add some spice to any wall. Use a colourful installation or go for a bold print to add another dimension to your space. We love bold prints, geometrics and wallpapers with metallic or marble hints for added glam!

A Library Wall

Use a wall in the living room to show off your favourite novels and magazines. Add a few ledges for interest and arrange your books as you like. You’ll instantly elevate the space and add a dose of colour and texture to a blank wall.

A crate installation

Need storage in your living room? Create a custom storage unit by assembling crates against a wall. You could opt for a more expensive option and customise a wall shelving or storage display unit, but crates will also do the trick when you’re on a budget and in need of a stylish look in the living room. Use this installation to display your favourite decor and accessories!

A bold print

Artwork is a great way to decorate your walls. Be sure to shop around and choose a piece of art that you love and that suits the space. Think about the size, finish and style of your chosen artwork and if it will complement or perhaps add contrast to your design scheme. Art is always a worthwhile investment in any interior.

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