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Hard Like Stone – It’s The New Pan Collection From Fissler

The new pan line from premium cookware manufacturer Fissler combines very good nonstick properties with extreme scratch-resistance.

The phone rings while things are sizzling on the stove. The children pull at your apron strings while you’re cooking, demanding attention. You’re cooking a multi-course meal and preparing several different components in parallel. In all these situations, it’s easy to become distracted and accidentally pick up a metal kitchen utensil instead of a wooden one, to stir the contents of the sealed frying pan. The result: ugly scratches.

With the new adamant line, Fissler has now developed pans with an especially tough nonstick sealing. The adamant comfort and adamant classic models, both made in Germany, solve an apparent contradiction in the world of cookware: they combine a very good nonstick effect with enormous resilience that would normally only be expected from non-coated pans. This means the nonstick-coated pans can be used carefree for a variety of kitchen purposes.

The key to their extreme toughness is the new ADAMANT sealing, which gives the line its name. It contains silicon carbide particles, whose hardness is comparable to that of stone. The ADAMANT sealing gives the pans their novel surface, with tangible texture and a raw look that is reminiscent of cast-iron pans. It also offers reliable protection against scratches. Nature shows us the way: surfaces with a profile – whether shells, scales, or wrinkles – provide much better protection, making their owners especially resilient and long-lasting. Thanks to this quality, kitchen utensils made of any material, including metal, can be used during frying, without worrying about scratching the inner surface.

Yet their robust coating isn’t the only thing that sets these pans apart. Thanks to the outstanding heat output by the ADAMANT sealing, the heat is passed to the food to fry more directly than by conventional nonstick-coated pans. In addition to gentle frying, these special pans also support crispy roasting with no sticking. Home fries become even more crispy, chicken gets a taste-intensive browning, and fans of crispy sunny side-up eggs will also be delighted.

Thanks to its high pan body, the adamant comfort also holds more food. Its tried and tested safety handle protects the user’s hands from heat and slipping. The adamant classic features a comfort grip that makes the pan easy to handle, for example, when tossing food. The ergonomic shape also ensures that the handle can be gripped with ease and that it is well-suited to smaller hands. Both pans feature the cookstar® all-stove base, which absorbs, distributes, and stores heat efficiently.

The pans in the adamant line will be available in the sizes 20, 24, and 28 cm diameter. The pans have a 5-year guarantee.

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