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Go Rustic And Bring Driftwood Indoors

Whether reeds, dried branches or actual driftwood found along the coastline, the inclusion of wooden elements in your interior can add a sense of style and interest. Besides bringing a visual appeal, driftwood also boasts a wonderful textural quality that we love in contemporary spaces.

Here we share some easy ways to go rustic and bring driftwood indoors.

Driftwood as kitchen storage

Bring dried timber into your kitchen and install a nifty space for hanging pots, pans and kitchen accessories. Beautifully rustic and interesting, a hanging branch suspended from the rafters adds depth, texture and charm to any farmhouse kitchen.

You can also upcycle an old piece of bark or cut branch and turn it into a knife storage unit. Mount it on a magnetic strip and install against a wall. Add your knives as a wonderful showcase in the kitchen!

A minimalist closet space

We’ve seen many trending minimalist bedrooms with a simple branch used as functional clothing storage. Hang this from hooks mounted on your walls or behind a door, and add some of your favourite clothing items as a display in your bedroom. This is also a great way to display your child’s cute clothing in a rustic nursery!

Curtain Rods

Instead of the conventional metal or plastic curtain rods one can purchase at any local furniture store, why not think out of the box and purchase rustic wooden branches to be used as innovative rods instead. Not only will these offer a chic rustic appeal, but will also create a wonderfully personalised look to any room!

Decor Accents

Invest in interesting wooden decor to be displayed in your favourite spaces, from the bedside table to your living room or even as a feature on a dining table. Driftwood indoors is a timeless addition to any space and will often suit a variety of design styles. Wood is classic and you can also customise the look by painting it white or adding fairy-lights and a combination of other furnishings to give it a more refined look.

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