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Get An Effortless Chic Look With SHF

Contemporary interiors are modern, functional and stylish – a winning combination if you can achieve balance and elegance in your favourite spaces. Here we show you how to achieve an effortless chic interior that you’ll love, with the help of SHF.

Lived in Luxury

Contemporary homes are comfortable, lived-in spaces. From cosy oversized sofas to personalised art and a mix of textures and patterns that ooze added comfort.

Get the look with a modern sofa from SHF. The Stratford Sofa from SHF is a showstopper and with its contemporary upholstery and comfort, this is the perfect family sofa for effortless chic living.

A Textural Delight

Bring a modern mix of textures into your home. Add greenery for a fresh and vibrant ambience and introduce a blend of fabrics and textiles to add to the textural aesthetic of any interior. SHF brings us a host of gorgeous upholstered pieces including soft furnishings such as rugs, scatters and more to add comfort to your space. We love the Castella Sand Chair in a gorgeous neutral sandy shade to pair with an all-natural interior design. Use it as an occassional chair or add it to an ever-stylish and modern dining space!

Succulents and potted plants are also great options to bringing the natural world indoors. SHF has a range of interesting pots, vases, baskets and more that you can use to add greenery to your favourite rooms.

A Personalised Space

Bring your family room to life with beautiful artwork and colour splashed on your walls. If you’re looking for something abstract and modern, the Tornado Canvas Wall Art from SHF will certainly add interest to your living space. Add it as a feature above your sofa or create a beautiful statement wall in a modern colour of your choice.

A Touch of Glam

Hints of gold, bronze and silver will add an instant elegance and glamourous touch to your home. Bring this in through decor accessories, curated furniture and lighting. SHF’s Prism Coffee Table is a beautifully chic choice for a contemporary setting. The golden frame is sure to elevate your room and add a luxurious ambience to this space.


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