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Born Furniture: How To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary

Simple, stylish furniture and a few decorative items are all you really need to create a dreamy bedroom sanctuary. Born Furniture helps us achieve the look with top tips for creating the perfect space at home.


The first step to a peaceful room is to declutter. Keep the area around your bed organised and clean, and avoid unwanted distractions. Furthermore, one of the toughest things to do is to remove any and all digital devices from your room. However, this is a crucial part to create your bedroom sanctuary as these devices give off a stream of sleep disturbing lights. Use an old school alarm clock to wake you up and a good book to help you wind down.

Soft furnishings easily soften hard edges

The shell of any room often gives a space a hard exterior. Soften your bedroom and create the perfect little sanctuary with soft furnishings such as drapes, bedding, throws and even upholstered finishes such as a stylish head board. Upholstered headboards add layers of texture and it is the most comfortable type for sitting up in bed. Your bedroom sanctuary will be comfortable and stylish at the same time with one of these headboards. Find the perfect headboard for your space at Born Furniture.

Luxury bedding and a quality bed

Your choice of bed will make or break your room. Go for an oversized luxury bed to make a real statement in your bedroom. Choose the best quality bedding you can afford and add a few decorative pillows or accent colours to warm things up this winter.

Lighting is essential

Don’t overlook your bedroom lighting as this can set the ambience of rest and relaxation in your room. Be sure to layer your lighting – so invest in quality bedside tables and overhead lighting and use as needed.

Ample storage is key

Storage space can be a problem in your bedroom. A bench with a storage unit can be a stylish solution for you. Place a bench at the foot of your bed, it will help pull the room together and in addition, will provide an extra seat. Ottomans and more are also multi-functional and ideal in the bedroom. Born Furniture boasts a wonderful range of ottomans and storage units to suit your needs.

Seating adds comfort

If space permits it, bring a beautiful sofa into your bedroom and create a dreamy seating area you can enjoy at your leisure. Born Furniture specialises in 100% genuine leather furniture especially Chesterfield sofas. They are proud to have the largest Chesterfield range in Africa, so if you’re looking for a luxe sofa for your sanctuary bedroom, be sure to shop the look at Born Furniture.

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