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The Vox Furniture Revolution

Vox is the furniture revolution you have been waiting for! It is no wonder that the brand is known for its award-winning functionality. The secret is in the attention to detail, quality and functionality.

Boasting ranges that are suited for babies to kids, to making your dining room table extend when those unexpected guests arrive, to studies that even libraries will be jealous of, beds with built-in bookshelves and many more, including the most stylish pet kennel you will lay your eyes on!

Vox is imported from Poland and undergoes many quality tests, which makes it the high-quality furniture that it is! At the Vox Laboratory in Poland, the testing and quality of raw materials and their friability are important, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the high-quality furniture that we do! Vox has their very own scientists (that’s how seriously they take their furniture), that factor in elements such as moisture content, friability and bulk density.

For example, did you know that apart from the normal liquid and stain tests, the furniture is tested in both Romania and Poland, as they have different climate conditions, temperatures and exposure to light. The results are then compared and evaluated in respect of how a product ages and behaves in various climate conditions. More tests are undergone, to ensure the longevity of the products in living conditions. Furniture is put to the test under natural light, strenuous supermarket lights and also light bulbs, to make sure that the products live up to your expectations. Talk about double (or triple) checking!

Vox ranges are collaborations with hot designers, resulting in the stunning, yet practical furniture – a must nowadays! Clever storage and utilizing space are just some of Vox’s strong suits, all while giving you the freedom to be your own interior designer, meeting your needs.

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