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Pilgrimage Livingspaces: Bring the art of Minakari home

For generations in India, the art of “Minakari” (hand painting the surface of metals in intricate designs and patterns) has been practiced with pride and importance. It is said to be sacred, passed down from one generation to the next.

We love the intricacy of details and colour, the authentic heritage, and the true vibrancy of this generational art form. And thanks to Pilgrimage Livingspaces, you can now bring a piece of authentic Indian history home, through Minakari art and an exciting new range now on offer. You can shop their exquisite new range of hand-painted enamel products, now available locally in South Africa. This art form requires scrupulous attention and accuracy to create these masterpieces using the amalgamation of metal and glass. This hereditary skill is a complex process and takes a lot of time to formulate and master the intricate designs and patterns. Popular motifs in Indian enamels include vines, flowers, birds, paisley and calligraphy, and are most often red, green, white, blue, or a combination thereof.

Pilgrimage Livingspaces takes great pride in sourcing authentic and interesting pieces for the home. Their range now includes hand painted tiffin cans, a traditional Indian lunch pail that features individual compartments that are bound to brighten up a day at the office or make a picnic more fun.  Their beautifully hand-painted suitcases are also an ideal way to store kid’s toys, books, and magazines. Stocks are limited, so don’t hesitate.

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