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Coral: The perfect colour for Mother’s Day

Whether in home décor or contemporary fashion, coral as a colour is a much-loved, fun and feminine tone to brighten your home and wardrobe. This fabulous hue, with pink and orange overtones is very much on trend at the moment, making its way into fabulous furniture finds and fashion runways around the globe.

Tessa Sonik Fabrics (TSF) is fully embracing Coral this season. As the brainchild of Tessa Sonik, the company has established a reputation both locally and internationally for elegance, creativity, innovation, quality, fashion and credibility – successfully run over the past two decades. Tessa Sonkik Fabrics include a range of coral-inspired options, from Sopa Stripe Coral and Bez Fire, to Kula Spice and Mustafa Oxide – all perfectly suited for interior design purposes. Bring a pop of colour into your home with this universally appealing colour palette that oozes warmth and femininity. Inspired by the natural oceanic reefs, coral is a beautiful and intricate tone, which can be applied to upholstery, clothing and accessories with ease. Coral is also a great colour if you are looking for the ideal Mother’s Day gift – popular in jewellery and attire trends, coral evokes a happy, carefree ambiance that every mother will love.

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