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Adding the Finishing Touches to your Winter Holidays


As parents the word holidays is not always so exciting because it is also parallel to keeping your kids busy and out of trouble for the next few weeks without getting yourself and the kids frustrated.

During the winter holidays, your kids spend most of the time indoors which can mean that your once-beautiful, tranquil home risks being transformed into a noisy, fast-paced mess. The word ‘holiday’ often fills parents with dread with mental images of chaos, sticky curtains and some extra stains that you did not plan for. Honeycomb blinds is just the thing you need for your home to give you back the same sense of rest and tranquility that you want this holiday.

These heavy-duty blinds are great for kids rooms as it is not easy to damage, while they are very chic and easy to handle. Honeycomb blinds are also machine washable which makes any stains or sticky fingers a breeze to clean as well as being low maintenance, leaving more time to spend with your kids. The closed honeycomb structure pleats give your windows great insulation to keep your house warmer through the cold winter holidays. Research in USA has proved that 46% of cold air is trapped in the cells and this can save up to 37% electricity while heating the room. With the Honeycomb blind is an extremely modern blind that combines practical features to make it child proof, leaving your home with trendy windows. You can choose from five different operating systems and five fabric options, in over 200 colours at Finishing Touches.

Do not let the extra cleaning and maintenance that holidays bring take away the precious time you can spend with your children this Winter Holiday. Get your Honeycomb blinds installed and redefine the word Holiday in your window décor.

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