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4 ways to prepare your home for winter

In South Africa, the cold is quickly inching in and soon we will be faced with the full-blown force of the winter months. To keep your home warm and cosy throughout winter, we offer a few tips to help you keep the chill out.

Add warmer tones

Colour can create a warmer, inviting atmosphere in the interior of your home – a welcome addition in the colder months. Opt for warm tones such as reds, browns and yellows and bring these into your bedroom and living areas to add a homely, comfortable feel just in time for winter.

Add a throw or two

Create a cosy ambiance in your lounge by adding a luxury throw to your sofa. Choose lush, soft fabrics that emit a sense of warmth. You can display these beautifully in your lounge, on the edge of your bed, or choose to store them in an open basket in your living room for easy access to guests on cooler days.


If your home loses excessive heat during the cold months, you may want to invest in quality insulation to reduce heat loss. Insulation in your home provides resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance your insulation provides, the lower your heating and cooling costs. Proper insulation is therefore a benefit throughout the seasons.

A flaming furnace

There is nothing quite like cosying up next to a blazing fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Modern fireplaces can be installed in just about any area of your home – from the bedroom through to the lounge, dining room or entertainment areas. We love the latest innovations from Jetmaster, with contemporary fireplace solutions to fit into the scheme of any interior space around the home. Their incredible range of fireplaces caters to a wide range of needs and budgets. Speak to an expert about your space and choose an option that will work best. Keep the chill out this winter and ensure that your home is snug and comfy all season long. For more visit www.jetmaster.co.za.

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