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Block and Chisel: Serve up sophistication with a beautiful sideboard

The sideboard, server or console was once considered purely a functional piece used in the dining room. These days, this versatile piece can be used in a variety of areas in your home to achieve elegance and double up as useful storage.

Your sideboard and console work as an anchor piece in its chosen room, helping to define the overall style. So, it’s important to choose a sideboard that suits your tastes.

Classic style versus modern


Block & Chisel’s Designed by Sibley Collection offers a selection of classic sideboard and console designs in French and English country styles. Each piece is designed and crafted using age-old techniques using sustainable wood and adding a modern touch with a range of tasteful finishes.


Recent years has seen the introduction of a more modern design to the fold: the Lillian Collection with clean, uninterrupted lines and using metal base and wooden tops.

Block & Chisel’s buyers also scour the globe to bring back exquisite pieces from afar. Think sideboards with geometric patterns in vibrant colours, industrial-chic metal slider doors offset by reclaimed wood, contemporary glass consoles and so much more. The selection is ever-changing, echoing international trends to offer outstanding choice.

Choose your sideboard style

Such a wide selection may seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be. Take a moment to decide on your preferred decor style. Do you lean toward a more classic look and feel? Or is contemporary style more you?

Next, it’s time to consider what size sideboard you require. While it might seem logical to go for a large sideboard in a large space, make sure you consider aspects such as the height of the ceiling, and whether there is enough space for a door to open comfortably.


Your sideboard should command attention, but be sure you choose something that naturally balances out in the space for which it is intended. Identify the physical space in which your piece will sit and measure out your size requirements.


These factors will help you narrow down your choices, allowing you to focus on a few options only.

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