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Get Personal with Orms

Considered the oldest and leading photography gear and printing shops in South Africa, Orms provides both professional and amateur photographers with the latest technology and the expert service you need to personalise your interiors. 

Printed floral wallpaper by Orms

Get Personal with Orms

Design trends are shifting towards new and innovative ways of personalising interiors. Orms has noticed that there is a distinct move away from generic artwork and décor options towards exciting, customised pieces for the office and home. High quality, digital printing by Orms allows you to play with creating and celebrating your unique sense of taste and style by selecting your own images or photography to brighten up any room.


Orms provides customers with the chance to exercise their creativity by offering professional printing options that eliminate the challenge of having to choose between uninspired wallpaper and dull artwork. You have the unique option of using your own photographs or images to create impressive and personalised mounted artworks. Similarly, stretch-canvas and posters prints are popular and affordable design options for trendy and sophisticated spaces.

A selection of carefully chosen prints become an inspiring wallpaper- it’s that easy

A printed wallpaper mural is an excellent way to make a bold design statement by create your own design or opting for one of Orms’ in-house designers to help take your idea to the next level.


Celebrate your sense of style and individuality by using different textures and platforms to exhibit your proudest images. Depending on the look and feel of your decorative space, Orms allows you the chance to print any photograph or image onto a variety of flat surfaces including Perspex for a sophisticated high-gloss finish that reflects natural light, to brushed metal for a contemporary and industrial feel, as well as warm, textured wood.

Gorgeous animal prints on wood for natural texture with a twist in your home


Choosing personal photographs, images or designing your own print is an ingenious way to create unique gifts for friends and family alike. Nothing says “I care” more than a personal gift that reflects the receiver. Share your special memories with custom-made mouse pads, coffee mugs, notebooks, calendars and cards, as well as serving boards, coasters and even photo puzzles. Nothing is beyond imagination and the options are limitless.

A personal gift that is timeless and heartfelt

Instagram Art is another exciting way to mount your best Instagram pictures on wooden blocks and continue sharing your masterpieces offline.

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