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Fine Heart Works: Poetic, Emotive, Inspired Photography & Print Shop

Fine art graduate, Annie, is a daughter, sister and mother of two, who found through the lens of her camera and the gift of art and beautiful light, a way to express her love & gratitude for the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the natural world. 

In her distinctive visual language that is sometimes soft and soulful, sometimes raw and organic, sometimes ‘almost nothing’ light, and sometimes ‘deep’ dark,  her work finds its genesis in the inherent story of all things.

Often featuring women, her approach is both deliberate and considered as she looks for ways to honour the story of being female and the shared experience of her evolution. Her latest fine art print series Fusion, celebrates Chipo, and in awareness of ‘Woman’s month’ this August, a portion of each print sold in this series will go directly to elevate Chipo’s ambition to start her own salon in her homeland Zimbabwe, a birthplace shared by Annie, connecting them by something thicker than blood.

Annie’s fine art images are created to both influence and reflect a personal aesthetic, and invite the decision to buy ‘not just wall art’, but carefully curated pieces that are raw and simplistic, transcend trend and welcome quiet contemplation. Besides growing her portfolio of beautifully printed and signed prints on paper and hemp linen,  Annie welcomes the opportunity to work closely together with clients to personalize their space by creating commissioned art that is cohesive, authentic and gives expression to their individual story.

Believing that the spaces we inhabit and work in should hold more than our material substance but also reflect our intentions and inspire honest and meaningful choices in the things we surround ourselves with,  Annie hopes that by commissioning her or choosing to buy her art, you might find not only something beautiful to dress your walls but gain an emotional resonance with her work that satisfies, soothes and inspires.

For more visit www.anniekruyer.com or www.fineheartworks.com.

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