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D-Core Art And Soul Design: Photographic Art By Jean-Raphael

Jean-Raphael is a French artist born in 1967 in Nancy, France. Paris was his home for 20 years and this is where he was schooled at the Business and Art school. After graduating, he then moved to the South of France in 1999 where he worked at local bars and restaurants, and also gained much exposure to his artwork. 


The feedback was great and steadily he began to sell more and more of his art. Since 2011, he has been based in Miami, Florida. Since this time he’s been creating a new
modern art influenced by the Miami way of life!

The vibrancy of Jean-Raphael’s exquisite work is now available locally through D-core Art and Soul Design. Here you can experience firsthand the unique interpretations and masterpieces from this renowned artist.

We love the intrigue and colour captured in Jean-Raphael’s work. A fascinating talking point and a perfect feature in any interior!


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