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David Kuijers And Tania Babb: An Annual Summer Exhibition at The Cape Gallery

The Cape Gallery is pleased to present the annual summer exhibition of David Kuijers and Tania Babb, on until 12 January 2019!

David Kuijers – A Man’s Best Friend:

“As my art is not incomprehensible it is devoid of deep meaning and thus unsuitable for art-speak, but I will say this: I don’t know whether the words “a dog is a man’s best friend” was originally spoken in jest, but I think it’s a profound statement. Uncomplicated companionship between people is a rarity, between a man / woman / child and a dog it is common. The impact of this uncompromising loyalty on the universal human experience must be huge. I often (half) joke that when I moved to the country, I thought that I would meet lots of nice people – I didn’t realize I would meet so many nice dogs.”

David has a background in illustration and design, and has been a full-time artist since 1999.

Tania Babb:

Tania, born in Zimbabwe studied graphic design in Cape Town where she later apprenticed with Barbara Jackson in 1986 and has been exhibiting her work ever since.

“I have lately found a new voice”, she discovers – “I have been very hungry for colour. Loud colour. Colour that hits you over the head. The surface must drink the light. A Matt surface drains light. My subject matter tends to be more supernatural, self-confident animals rather than gentle people…. ”

Don’t miss out on this summer exhibition taking place at The Cape Gallery.

Contact The Cape Gallery at info@capegallery.co.za or call (021) 423 5309.

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