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Annabelle Decor: Tips For Choosing Decor Accents For Your Home

When you first move into a new house, it may contain all the structural elements required to house you and your family. Turning your house into a home will make all the difference in your attempt to create a cosy, nurturing and stylish environment that you’ll love. Together with the team behind Annabelle Decor, bringing us beautiful accessories and gifting ideas, we have put together the basics of choosing beautiful accents to enhance your interior.

Choose a colour palette

Your home should reflect your personality and reflect your own distinct style. Begin by choosing a colour palette that will set the tone throughout. Research trending colours and shop around for great accent decor in complementary shades to complete your space!

Take stock

Take stock of what you already have. Whether you have collectables and existing furniture that you want to keep, be sure to take a good look at everything you have and how this will fit into your space. Once you have taken stock, it will be easier to decide on those accent pieces you want to add to your home.

Shop around

Consider the various decor options available to you and shop around for different pieces that will add colour, texture and design aesthetic to your abode. Consider the proportions of your decor accessories and the positions it will fill in your home. You don’t want your space to feel cluttered or overwhelm your interior, but carefully placed accent decor can work to elevate the entire style of your home.

Annabelle Decor has been lovingly put together by a close-knit family, focused on sourcing unique antique furniture pieces from all over the world, and coupling this with decorative elements, custom paint and fabric finishes, and modern trends. The result is a style that is uniquely ‘AnnaBelle’, showcasing international flair from places such as Bali, Morocco, India, Africa and the countryside of France.

They invite all décor aficionados to browse, dream, and shop to your heart’s content.

Find great home accessories, furniture and more at Annabelle Decor. You can also browse and shop online at your own convenience!

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