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Acryluso: 4 Ways With Decorative Trays from Laser Design In Your Home

Learn to style your favourite spaces with ease. Here we share a few simple tricks for using a decorative tray featuring a beautiful display of décor in every room in the house.

In the Bedroom

A serving tray is a truly versatile product, especially in the bedroom. You can use it to serve your loved one breakfast, but you can also use it as a stylistic element on your dresser or bedside table. Simply place it next to your bed and arrange some of your favourite items as décor. Your bedtime novel, a vase with fresh blooms, candles, fragrances, photos and more. The bedroom is the ideal space to personalise and a simple acrylic tray will help you keep all your possessions within easy reach.

In the Living Room

Style your coffee table with a bold decorative tray and enhance your space like a professional. A tray is a great décor option as it can safely house your accessories – and if you need to clean the space, simply move the entire tray from the table without having to remove item by item.

A simple tray can hold a few coasters and perhaps a vase, but you can also customise it to suit your style. Group some of your favourite items – books, ceramics, florals and more. Group items that complement one another in the colour palette of your room and allow the collection to elevate your design.

In your Home Bar

A feature tray is both striking and useful in your home bar. In this space, a butler’s tray is a must-have item for serving up cocktails and entertaining in style. You can also use it to display some of your favourite glasses and bold bottles that would otherwise be hidden in a cabinet. Here you can create a mobile showpiece that can be easily moved around to serve guests.

In the Bathroom

An acrylic decorative tray is a beautiful addition to any bathroom or powder room. Use it to store some of your essentials such as toiletries, jewellery or makeup for easy access. Instead of scattering your goods in drawers and on the countertops, keep everything together neatly in a decorative tray. The end result is a space that will feel far less cluttered and a lot more organised.

Where do you find these beauties?

Acryluso have a wide selection of decorative trays on offer – from butler trays and edge trays to round trays, display trays and more. We love the contemporary look which will fit in with just about any interior design. With a range of luxury acrylic hand-crafted goods on offer, you will be sure to find something magical for every room.

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