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Verti Copenhagen – Sustainable Danish Design At Ambiente

Verti Copenhagen is a modular system in a streamlined Danish design founded in 2012. We recently had the pleasure of engaging with the Verti Copenhagen team at Ambiente in Frankfurt and were thrilled with their innovative products.

Let’s take a closer look… 


VertiPlants is a simple and smart wall jar with a streamlined design, which can be used for different purposes. You can combine one or more VertiPlants with other products, or you can simply have one hanging on the wall for a simple yet stylish look.

VertiPlants are sustainable and manufactured in Denmark in a natural BIO material – biopolymer, which is a material consisting of 94% plant- and organic biomass materials, rather than traditional plastic. Verti Copenhagen can now safely say: “VertiPlants – Made From Plants.”

This material lives up to very high-quality standards while at the same time, it goes hand in hand with a sustainable production. For example, biopolymer consists of residues from potato chip production or residues from sugar production. Furthermore, production is primarily by wind energy and the factory’s excess heat in connection with productions are diverted to the houses in the local city in Denmark.


VertiLight is a minimalistic lamp to hang on the wall, which comes in two sizes: VertiLight and VertiLight Mini.

With its simple design, the lamp can be used for different parts of the house: in the bedroom, entrance or the kitchen.


Verti produces a great selection of lids that can be combined with VertiPlants and give you the option to use the wall jar both as storage and as a vase. It’s a clever and versatile option for a modern interior.

Verti brings cutting-edge design to sustainable living. We love the latest products and we’re excited about the future of this Danish brand.

Discover more at Verti Copenhagen.

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