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Tivoli At Home

With an elegant selection of bespoke homeware, Tivoli adds style and beauty to any interior. Choose from their latest range of mirrors, hooks and more, and remain inspired to create the interior of your dreams.

Let’s take a closer look:


Inspired by the many mirror halls inside Tivoli, the Mirage mirrors use repetition of simple graphic shapes to create new patterns. The mirrors can hang vertically or horizontally, and by mixing sizes and colours you can create your own artistic wall decoration. Available in Caramel, Lawn Green or Gold.


The inspiration for the Peacock series quickly becomes obvious: the designs recreate the recognizable shimmering patterns, reminiscent of the extravagant birds that stroll the grounds of the Tivoli Gardens. Peacock mirror comes in Brass or Dark Green. Peacock hook small: Antique Celadon/Brass or Midnight Blue. Peacock hook large: Dark Green/Brass or Midnight Blue.


The Circa mobile is a tribute to the ever-evolving Tivoli tale and the constant movement of rides inside the park. Delicate rings and geometric shapes are suspended in perfect balance, while the parts softly move with the flow of air. Made in brass-plated stainless steel.


The shape of the Quin hooks is inspired by squares on the Harlequin costume. A three-dimensional shape gives life to the hook, which is a practical, yet decorative solution for hanging clothes, bags and hats on the wall. The Quin hook comes in three sizes in Antique Celadon, Dark Green or Smoked Oak.


The Ticket mirror gets its industrial and modern look from hole perforations around the mirror’s steel frame. A brass detail elegantly covers the mounting hook. The initial idea for the Ticket mirror’s punctured design comes from the original entry tickets in paper that you had to hand over to the usher before entering the Tivoli Gardens. The Ticket mirror is available in Ø45cm and Ø60cm in Faded Celadon, Dusk Blue or Caramel.

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