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Time to Harvest Your Herbs with Lechuza South Africa

Herbs are a great addition to any meal and growing your own can be a very rewarding and even therapeutic exercise. Now you can grow your very own indoor herb garden and keep these beauties fresher for longer with Lechuza South Africa and the amazing planters they have on offer. Here Lechuza South Africa takes us through the simple process of harvesting your own herbs – ending off with an easy recipe you can recreate with your own harvest!

Growing herbs is as simple as placing store-bought herbs (complete in grow pots) in Lechuza’s innovative planters, such as the Cube Color, and enjoying great seasonal herbs as part of your own cooking experience at home. With an innovative wick irrigation system, all you have to do is insert the wick into your grow pot and place your pot in the Cube Color.

Water and voila – you’re all set. You can also mix and match your options thanks to the colour-neutral planter liners and rest assured that no repotting will be necessary – simply place store-bought herbs with grow pot in the planter! The Cube Color is perfect for all standard herb grow pots between 10 to 12 cm and 13 to15 cm. It is also perfectly food safe and easy to use! Lechuza also boasts an array of other planters to take care of all your planting requirements. Lechuza sub-irrigation also takes care of the ideal nutrition needed for your herbs to thrive. Inspired by nature, the Lechuza sub-irrigation system ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth, complete with a water level indicator and water supply shaft that makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy!

Here’s how you can dry your own herbs: For drying, you should use herbs that are aromatic, such as oregano, sage, peppermint, thyme, and rosemary. Lay the harvested herbs on baking paper or paper towels to be dried in a warm place. Or, just hang herbs like lavender in bunches from the ceiling. It can take up to 10 days until the herbs are fully dry – only then you can store them!

What herbs are suitable for freezing? Some herbs are more suitable for freezing as they lose their aroma when dried. That applies to all herbs that have a light flavour, like basil. Also, herbs that have a strong flavour, like chives, lose their taste when dried, making them more suitable for freezing. Freeze herbs such as parsley, chives, wild garlic, dill, basil, or nasturtium. Just chop your fresh harvest and store it in a sealable bag in your freezer.

Create your own Herbed Oil with Rosemary: Take a jar and fill one third with fresh rosemary (whole or chopped, whichever you prefer) and then fill the jar with a good olive oil. Close the jar and let the oil rest. Shake it every day and then, after two weeks, strain the oil into a nice, dark bottle. That’s how easy it is to make fantastic herbed oil which you can use to flavour your favourite meals! Contact: Lechuza South Africa

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