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Spotlight: UMDABU

Umdabu has a passion for creating original furniture with a natural edge. Their process stems from a root or natural wooden slab and ultimately becomes functional art. Therefore, they create. They do not produce. We love the innovation as Umdabu breathe life and value into objects which were previously untouched.

“We believe that perfection is nature, and have therefore developed a love for incorporating natural elements into contemporary settings, including many homes and businesses throughout South Africa.” Umdabu’s inspiration comes from the unique and natural beauty that is found locally. Although most of their stock is sourced and shaped in South Africa, their pieces may originate from across the border. All pieces are 100% handmade, exclusively African, and are truly one of a kind. Furniture Umdabu practically guarantees distinct and unique furniture items made exclusively from detailed wooden finds. Each piece of wood is unique and therefore every piece takes on a life of its own – embracing the raw beauty of nature through every fissure, crack and line. The custom-make a range of furniture including tables, benches, stools and chairs.     Cladding and Panelling The possibilities are endless when it comes to wood wall panelling and cladding. At Umdabu they are committed to meeting client needs. All panelling and cladding are done with natural wood, so no engineered or synthetic wood is utilised, but rather using wood in its natural state, as nature intended it.   Bring your ideas to Umdabu, and they will custom design your wall piece, and turn it from concept to reality. Contact: Umdabu

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