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Spotlight:Pilgrimage Livingspaces

Pilgrimage Livingspaces is a lifestyle store, a representation of the return back to what is authentic. A store for people who are looking for unique exotic pieces, rich in traditional processes and craftsmanship, telling stories of the origins and cultures of the people and places from which they come.

It all began after trips to India and Indonesia, returning home and feeling like something was missing. There is a constant longing to go back to these places and to be once again surrounded by the craftsmanship, colours, patterns and textures which gives a feeling of richness, authenticity and a celebration of life. They wanted to share this love and passion with those around them through the artisanal pieces which tell a story and have a feeling of containing a real soul of their origin. The main aspect capturing their hearts and attention are the ancient traditional art forms and processes used to make the artisanal pieces. The skills are lovingly past down from generation to generation to keep them alive, from father to son, or mother to daughter, and are often native to the areas from which they come.

For example, mother of pearl inlay has rich history and roots in the beautiful lake city of Udaipur where it has been used to embellish thrones, doors at royal courts and temples since the days of the opulent Maharajas. In their travels, the more they experienced, saw and learned about these art forms, the more we wanted to focus on making these beautiful pieces accessible to all. You will be completely spoiled for choice, from gorgeous hand-carved wooden pieces, hand-loomed dhurrieskantha-stitched quilts and block-printed textiles which use natural indigo dye, to hand-painted Keben baskets making are a few of our favourite traditional processes and products featured.

To add to the authenticity, you are even able to see the artisan who made the product and find out about the fascinating processes behind the scenes. This helps understand the amazing skill and sometimes patient effort that goes in to creating each piece, with some pieces taking up to two weeks to make.   Watch their personal journey video:

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