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SHF: Dinner First, Everthing Else Later

The next best thing to dining is talking after dining at a bold and comforting dinner table from SHF Home.

The Spanish call it “sobremesa” which is a tradition of relaxing at the dinner table after a hearty meal which fully articulates what SHF Home will always feel… Gather around, break bread with friends and get together as a family. Dine in style, big and bold as always, and particularly refined in design and concept…

Create a dark and inspiring dining room to encourage conversation and dining in style. SHF provides for your every dining need, with an array of dining room furniture and accessories to create the ideal ambience.

Why we love dark dining interiors?

Dark shades create a magical dining room that can be used in the day, or at night. Darker tones with black, aubergine, deep violets and more will add a little drama and create a cosy yet elegant space for guests to unwind, enjoy good food and spend time talking.

At night, a darker dining room can become a place of intimate conversation. Choose lighting to enhance your room – a bold pendant or chandelier above a big dark wood table conjures up an image of warmth, drama and sophistication in any dining space. Add candles for that cosy ambience and soft furnishings such as a bold dark area rug to anchor your chosen table.

Take a look at some of our favourite items from SHF for a dark and intimate dining experience at home. You can find all of the above online and in store and create your own dreamy dining experience with friends and family.

Bold is certainly beautiful in any contemporary dining space. Shop the look at SHF.

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