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Plascon House Tour: The Raw Beauty of Steel and Concrete

There is a natural, earthy and urban appeal that envelopes just about every area of this modern Italian home. A house created by combining two buildings – one clad in concrete and the other in glass and steel. It is a celebration of raw edges, rustic appeal and a space that grounds you to the elements.

The living room is very much like a concrete box but it if were not for the amazing views through a full wall of glass, this room would feel completely closed in and dark. On the contrary, it has a warmth and natural allure that we love. Touches of vibrant colours with a striking egg-shaped occasional chair in unmistakable yellow make a bold statement here. The dining table, with steel structure and pine wood table top is striking. Paired with stunning black dining chairs, and the overall feel is classic and timeless. We love the natural texture of the cement walls – adding depth, colour and design to this unique space. The ceiling also takes on a subtle sheen that helps to reflect light in this room. The kitchen also seems contemporary and sleek – here the ceilings again are a bold feature. Modern black island and cabinets ooze contemporary living while carefully chosen blinds provide a beautiful play on light and air in this space. The stunning timber tones of the wooden flooring brings warmth and definition to this inviting kitchen area. The exterior of the home is just as exquisite as the inside. From the porch, covered with wooden boards with open joints, the view covers the stepped terrain and natural forestry, with a sparkling pool at the lower level. The bathroom is modern and breathtaking – a contemporary retreat. The faucet, by Cea Design, cascades water over a striking stone bathtub. A small, horizontal window introduces natural light through the lower part of the façade. Uncluttered, crisp and raw – a very modern take on a tranquil bathroom. Contact: Plascon Via

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