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Pick of the Week: The Boskke Totem

Boskke is proud to present the newest addition to the family, a very handy and rather adorable little item that will stand guard over your favourite plants in your absence. They call it the Totem.

The signature of all Boskke products is an elegant lo-tech solution incorporated into a beautiful object. The totem is the embodiment of this appealingly simple concept – a tall, architectural sentinel that releases water gradually into the soil, converting any existing pot into a self-watering planter. The function of the Totem determines its slender shape and small footprint, in order that it can nestle into most existing flowerpots without competing with the plant for space. It’s incredibly simple to use – all you need to do is drive the point of the Totem gently into the soil and fill it with water.

The water will then diffuse gently into the soil without over watering or overflowing. And you needn’t wait until you’re going away to put the Totem to work, either – it’s simply a clean and convenient way to water your plant, which you can use in conjunction with your existing watering process Even the most dedicated plant lover needs to get away from time to time, and the Totem makes a wonderfully practical gift that takes the worry out of leaving your houseplants unattended. The Totem will be available in Small and Large sizes, and goes on sale in the new year – pre-order through their web store.

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