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Mix and Match Crockery to Suit Your Style

When we purchase a set of crockery, we may feel compelled to use the entire set as is, with side plates, bowls and even matching mugs. But there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to matching crockery. In fact, you could opt for a more playful approach and mix and match your crockery sets to suit the occasion and your unique personality.

White crockery White is a classic and typically works well with any other colours, textures and patterns. You could mix up your crockery and add a traditional white piece to the table, to tone down a busier pattern or colour. White offers a clean, crisp and fresh palette that is always welcome on a dinner table! Now you can also elevate your caffeine routine, courtesy of Villeroy & Boch’s Coffee Passion line in white.

Combining aesthetics and practicality, it’s perfect for the true coffee lover: Premium porcelain makes it substantial in feel, and an extra-large distance between the bottom and the rim makes for excellent retention (and a perfectly formed crema in your cappuccino). Cups and mugs are also heat-insulated, stackable and fit comfortably in the hand. From oversize mugs to a ceramic coffee filter, this wide range ensures that you can add a chic twist to your sips.

Colour Don’t be afraid to mix and match coloured crockery. A one-toned porcelain dish may pair well with a patterned set in a similar colour. Be brave and choose colours that you love and that will add your own flair to your dinner party. Marcia’s recommendation? Well, we love the Artesano Montagne range from Villeroy & Boch.

This line makes a subtly elegant statement with a motif, inspired by Norwegian knitting patterns, that shows Villeroy & Boch’s commitment to classic craftsmanship. The warm colour pattern of dark red and rich gray makes it easy to incorporate into whatever décor scheme you have: Use it alone, or give it a contemporary kick (and make it stand out even more) by pairing it with the modern, sculptural Artesano Original line.

Texture Subtle differences in texture can also work together seamlessly on a dinner table. Opt for beautifully dimpled plating paired with smoother finishes. Texture adds depth and intrigue and when it comes to a dinner party, it is all about those finer details!

Shine High gloss porcelain is a more traditional variation of crockery but that doesn’t have to be your only option. You could choose a simple matte crockery finish to add interest to your table. Crockery is affected by its surroundings. So, mix glossier plates and bowls with more textured serving dishes and accessories.

A beautiful display If you have a bespoke display cabinet or server, you could showcase your fine crockery in a beautiful display. That way, they are always seen, not only on special occasions. To avoid things becoming too much of a mixture, keep like-designs together, but then spread out what you keep on each shelf instead of having one for plates, one for bowls, one for glassware, and so on. The end result will be a creative expression of your unique style.

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