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Mervyn Gers Ceramics: The Autumn Collection of Glazes

The change of season is a wonderful time to embrace an ever-evolving palette of colours and textures inspired by nature. Mervyn Gers introduces the Autumn Collection with a mix of glazes boasting darker tones and rich finishes to add colour and warmth to your home this season.

Autumn is a natural celebration of warm tones and earthy colours – the darker reds, burnt orange, brown, beige and more that is ever-present outdoors during this season. Mervyn Gers brings this colour palette to life in the Autumn Collection of ceramics for your home. Their landscape inspired glazes are fresh and invigorating – perfect for the season.

The delicate earthiness of each piece makes it a unique and distinct item – a rich, earthy and inviting part of any meal time celebration at home.

Locally inspired glazes add to the richness of this collection. Each piece beautifully crafted to emphasize the ingrained texture and tone of the product and the sheer craftsmanship that sets this collection apart.

Featured below, VELD is paired with BAKOVEN, also from the Mervyn Gers locally inspired glaze selection released in Autumn 2019.

VELD paired with BAKOVEN

Inspired by the South African landscape, Veld is a representation of the natural beauty we find locally. Featured below is Veld, from the Mervyn Gers Ceramics range of glazes, shown here on a Flare Mug, Espresso Jug, Pan and Breakfast Bowl.

VELD is a range inspired by the SA landscape.

Madumbe is another a brand new locally inspired glaze available from Mervyn Gers. This glaze is reminiscent of a puddle of melted vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate sauce…or a foamy hot chocolate… or the way your coffee mixes with the foam after the first sip. Either way, we like this one a lot!

Bowl, tea pot and a pasta bowl glazed in MADUMBE

Mervyn Gers specialises in handmade dinnerware and ceramics as well as bespoke dinnerware for restaurants, chefs, shops, game farms, boutique hotels and individuals. Visit their showroom for more.

MADUMBE, a brand new locally inspired glaze.

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