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Meraki – Hand Carved Skulls

Meraki was started by Magriet Shields at the start of 2015 off of an idea that she saw on Instagram. Determined to start a small business with carved skulls, Magriet set out to learn the craft of carving. 

“With no previous skill in this field, my dad helped me buy my first carving tools and I simply started to carve and experiment on my first skull. With every skull my skill and craftsmanship quickly got better.”

Orders slowly started to come in and Meraki was even supplying a few decor shops and an art gallery. The business quickly started to grow and that’s when Gavin Grobler joined in, Magriet’s now husband.

“We love nature, animals and all things creative. We are obsessed with what we do and the idea of honouring an animal by turning their skulls into a beautiful work of art, is the thing that inspires us with each skull.”

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