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The dining room: An extension of who we are

For those of us who have the luxury of doing so, dining is an experience which is done in various spaces with a diverse grouping of people. Whether intimate or in demand, dining has become an exceptional extension of we are and how we conduct and engage with our spaces. This is especially so when it comes to how and when you use your dining rooms. Have you ever thought of adding these elements to your space?


Trolley cart

Easy access is all we’re thinking here. Filled with an ale for every occasion, let the wine breathe, the whiskey hold and the gin ready for a refresher. Organise your trolley with the essentials: glasses, cocktail shakers and a couple of vintage bottles to show off your collection – all you’ll ever need is a refill of ice when having guests over to dine.


Allocate a space, separate from the dining table, where you can do last minute prep, lists, creative spurts of enthusiasm and writing gift cards or placement cards. If you keep a pot of stationery, some art pieces and a few plants living on the desk, it will make things a little easier when doing the admin side of dining with more than just the two of you.

Dining table

This one is an obvious must. Where else would you eat? See it as in investment and choose wisely. Make sure it’s timeless and reflects your personality, as you’ll be using it a lot. No one wants to get tired of the same piece of furniture they use so often. Our advice: shop and around and go with your gut. We always do.

Music corner

If there’s a muso in the corner, there is nothing more satisfying than an after-meal jam or performance to round things up. Instruments can be pieces of art too, so why not show them off in your dining area? We’d like to think the extend the space into a creative showcase without needing to mention their intention or use. Music is always a must when dining. That, and plenty of conversation. DiningRoom77 Looking for Dining Tables visit www.sadecor.co.za

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