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How to Create a Stately Entryway to Your Home

What is the first impression that your home makes when you first arrive at the entrance? Your entryway should be both inviting and bold; a welcoming space to introduce your guests to your precious abode.

Here are a few tips to elevate the style of your entryway.

Door envy The first port of call to your entryway is your front door. Doors do not have to be standard or bland. There are many finishes and sizes to choose from. The bigger, the better. If you’re looking to revamp your existing front door, choose to repaint it in a bold colour. Black (or white) is timeless, but a vivid red or sea blue may become a striking feature to your home. Remember, the outside of your front door need not be painted in the same tone or finish as the outside, as the exterior of the door can easily take on its own personality! So think out of the box and compare finishes such as glass, aluminium and wood, before you make a final choice!

Declutter A stately entryway is one that is open and definitely free of clutter. You want people to feel welcomed as they walk through the door, and not overwhelmed. You may feel compelled to dump your car keys, shopping bags and everything else in this space with easy access to the front door, but rather keep your entryway free of clutter that will be far more easy on the eyes! Functional furniture Choose subtle furniture choices here, such as a compact desk or a welcoming rug to add warmth. you may want to add a coat hook or even a bench to give this space more depth and purpose.

Sophisticated lighting Nothing says ‘hello to my luxury abode’ better than an oversized chandelier in a stately entryway. Chandeliers are timeless classics and will instantly add glamour and elegance to your own entryway.

Luxury Staircases In many stately homes, a luxury staircase forms an elegant part of the entryway to the home, hinting at the many other hidden spaces that lie within. We love bold choices in staircases, from black railings to detailed metalwork and elegant bannisters! Looking for Decor and Design Elements visit www.sadecor.co.za

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