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Bespoque: For the African-Inspired Home

Exciting news! Bespoque has added a whole new fun product range consisting of versatile, handwoven and sustainable planters, Bolga fans and Bolga baskets with leather handles. This fun range fits right in with contemporary, African inspired home décor lifetime pieces.

Bright, bold and beautiful

Bespoque’s Bolga fans come in various colours, from neutrals, and monotones to a mixture of complementary colours and different shapes… There’s something for everyone! The fans are made from elephant grass which makes them authentic and durable. Each Bolga fan is unique and one of a kind. Whether you choose to hang them on a wall to add some flair or add them as an accessory to a fabulous outfit to fan the heat off and cool down, these fans are a must-have!

The Ilala planters are another beautiful addition to the range. These planters are locally made in KwaZulu-Natal using ilala palm leaves indigenous to South Africa. There’s also a colourful range of planters with differing patterns available for those who enjoy life a bit more on the colourful side. The planters can be used for storage purposes or to house your beautiful plants.

Pot Baskets

Bolga pot baskets are available in neutral colours and can be used for functional or decorative purposes. Shaped like a pot (hence the name), they are pleasing to the eye and the leather handles make them easier to handle. The baskets are sturdy, flexible and strong. The pot design is challenging to weave compared to the round baskets and truly demonstrates the skills of the talented master weavers.

The new product range is sourced from a community of local master weavers who are skilled, passionate and talented women and men. Each basket sold contributes to their livelihood, the betterment of their lives and their families.

 For the best ethically sourced, handwoven and sustainable home interior décor pieces, visit www.Bespoque.africa.


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