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8 Designer Ways to Display Your House Plants

It’s no secret – plants add a freshness to any design scheme in a way that only nature can. If space is tight, or if you’re looking for some innovative ways to showcase your precious interior plants, we’ve rounded up 8 of our favourite ideas. Bring designer style to your home and check out these creative ways to bring nature into your home!

1. Wall Mounted Plants If you have empty wall space, why not create a bespoke plant installation by mounting your pots and planters directly to the wall. All you’ll need are some hanging baskets or planters that will be able to hang on the wall. Simply plan a layout, add a few nails and hang these in beautiful patterns according to your preference. 2. Floating Shelves Floating shelves are space-saving (and sometimes life-saving) little gadgets in almost any room. Mount a few in an unused corner of your room and use it to display some of your fresh plants in beautiful pots to suit your design scheme. Create a fun collection of decor accents and add a pot plant for extra freshness. 3. Suspended from the Ceiling Hanging plants add a whole new dimension to a room. Simply install a few c-shaped hooks directly into your ceiling board and hang your plants in strategic places where there is ample lighting. 4. Adorn Your Window Sills Add an array of potted plants to your window sills, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living space. Invest in beautiful pots and create a wonderful display directly on an open sill where your plants will thrive in the sunshine. 5. Add a rail For hanging plants, install a copper pipe or railing above your cabinets or between walls and allow your hanging plants to suspend down from these rails in a beautiful display of greenery in your favourite spaces. 6. A Flower Box Purchase a window box (or DIY your own) and add this to your window sill for an interior display of plants. This is ideal if you’re living in an apartment with a lack of outdoor space. Simply add your own planter box to the interior for year-round greenery indoors. 7. An indoor trellis Add an indoor trellis to your home and encourage your climbers to grow naturally within your interior. There are many great ideas available – use a wire grid or create your own unique trellis design to add to the visual appeal of your home. 8. Add a bar trolley Create your own indoor mobile garden with a simple bar trolley packed with your favourite houseplants. This is a great way to display a collection with a variety of plants in different shades, shapes and sizes.  

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